Delta 8 THC Aphrodisiac

Feel it hard. Feel it fast. 


Delta 8 THC and sex?

The Down Low

Medical Cannabis.  The Ancient Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, contains one of the first recorded medical formulas using Cannabis and is what inspired Queen and Pharaoh. Queen and Pharaoh helps to enhance your exploration of intimacy in all forms. We have taken the ancient wisdom of our past and using the best available modern science, created our first compliment of products; Our Queen and Pharaoh Lubricant, Arousal Oil, and Massage Oil, Gummies and Vapes. We know you will enjoy.

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Do not cease to drink, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love, and to celebrate the good days.

– Egyptian Proverb

My children, pull the vapor in and let it calm the mind and body ”

-Isis to the people in the temple


Ari Parker

Alina Ali

Sadie Pop

Priya Rai

Madi Meadows

Sabina Rouge

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Our Story

Cannabis has been used for centuries for natural healing and support purposes.  Taking this ancient wisdom, we utilized modern technology to produce a line of simple, natural and effective arousal products.  

Our proprietary formulations have been created using precise cannabinoid concentrations blended with complementary ingredients. Our combinations provide an effective and arousing experience for you and your partners.  Enjoy.

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