Signature Vapes: Smooth.  Tasty.  Aroused.



Get highly aroused with our proprietary blend of Delta 8, CBD, and natural terpene vape carts. Our delicious heavy cream and pink cookie flavors will excite your tastebuds while this magical mixture quickly stimulates your body.  Enjoy alone or with others as these Delta 8 and CBD carts take you to the next level.

You can breathe easy (literally) as our vape carts are free from PG, VG, and MCT oil. All of our products have been analytically tested by third-party labs and have a viewable Certificate of Analysis (COA).  Our unique oil blend provides a fast onset of effects while the vapor created remains below the combustion of regular smoking, providing a much cleaner and safer inhale.


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Signature Vapes. Collect them all.

Make it Hardcore.

Use our intimacy oils, arousal gummies, and fast acting seltzer along with our vape carts for powerful effects.